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Lori Turner-Wilson –
Marketing Battle Leader
and Industry Disruptor

Lori isn’t just at the helm of RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy as its CEO and co-founder; she’s a trailblazer who is reshaping the landscape of business marketing. With a storied career spanning more than three decades, Lori has been pivotal in crafting and delivering marketing strategies that yield measurable and substantial results. Her leadership has propelled RedRover to a distinguished position as one of the only full-service B2B marketing firms in the U.S. with the courage to offer a true marketing ROI guarantee to its clients, thus earning the firm the moniker: “The Results-Guaranteed Agency.”

The B2B Marketing Revolution

Are you ready to dominate your market, accurately project your outcomes, and see returns you can bank on? The B2B Marketing Revolution: A Battle Plan for Guaranteed Outcomes is the playbook that middle-market B2B CEOs and marketing leaders have been waiting for.

Backed by a groundbreaking research study of more than 400 middle-market B2B executives, this book offers time-tested best practices, indispensable KPIs for benchmarking, insights on where your dollars are best spent, and, above all, —the proven 12 BattlesTM Framework for generating guaranteed marketing outcomes.

The B2B Marketing RevolutionTM is a battle-hardened approach to becoming an outcomes-first leader who’s ready to shake up the status quo, invest in high-payoff market research and optimization, and—yes—even torch what’s not serving your endgame.

You’re not just leading a team; you’re building an outcomes-generating battalion. Get ready to create a revolution in your marketing with this book as your battle plan to guaranteed success!

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The B2B Marketing RevolutionTM distills complex marketing challenges into a clear, actionable framework for success. An essential read for leaders seeking strong, predictable marketing outcomes.”

~ Gino Wickman, Author of Traction & Shine, Creator of EOS®

The B2B Marketing RevolutionTM is essential reading for executive leadership. Our enterprise has always contended that 50 percent of our marketing dollars were well spent. We just never knew which 50 percent were successful. Lori Turner-Wilson provides clarity on how to partner with an agency to build a results-guaranteed marketing strategy. Marketing dollars are then transformed from a nebulous expense item to an investment in your company’s future success with a measurable return.”

Jack SammonsPresident, Ampro Industries

“The B2B Marketing RevolutionTM provides leaders with battle-tested, research-based, and actionable strategies, plans, and tools to win the war for customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

Buck BrownPresident & CEO, iScreen Vision

I found this book to be truly revolutionary from the importance of marketing research, to having a scalable marketing plan, to partnering with an agency offering a guaranteed return on investment. The decreased concerns about performance of a marketing plan, having accountability, and the ability to better predict growth makes this the book of the decade!!

J.W. Gibson, IICEO/Chairman, Gibson Companies

Lori is a marketing genius with the reputation to prove it. In The B2B Marketing RevolutionTM, she reveals her winning philosophy and teaches the ROI-driving marketing strategies that help brand executives unlock unprecedented revenue and ignite teams to excel. This is the one resource every B2B leader should have.

Lee HarrisMayor of Shelby County, TN

The B2B Marketing RevolutionTM sets a new precedent for accountability in marketing. A revolutionary blueprint for leaders tired of the status quo.

Bently GoodwinMaster Chair, Vistage International

Visionary CEO, Renowned Author, and Powerhouse Speaker

Immerse yourself in a captivating exploration with Lori Turner-Wilson, the visionary force behind RedRover, the agency where results aren’t just promised—they’re guaranteed. As the CEO & founder of RedRover and the author of three-best selling books on marketing, Lori exudes an unparalleled combination of expertise, foresight, and zeal. With narratives forged from over a quarter-century of real-world trials and victories, her sessions are more than mere events—they’re transformative odysseys that resonate, inspire, and ignite.

Lori speaks on topics including marketing, leadership, women in leadership, and entrepreneurism. Her signature topic is “The B2B Marketing Revolution.”

Dive into Lori Turner-Wilson’s commanding presence as she takes the stage. Experience her highlight reel, showcasing a speaker who is unapologetically direct, candid, and influential, and who drives home no-holds-barred marketing wisdom at events nationwide.

About RedRover:

The Marketing Results Guaranteed Agency

Lori  has honed a framework for predictable marketing ROI over 18 years, a methodology encapsulated within the pages of her new release, “The B2B Marketing Revolution.” This book is a distillation of trade secrets once exclusive to her company, now shared with the world. Lori’s motivation to divulge these insights stems from a profound desire to effect positive change on a grand scale, moving beyond individual achievements to leave a lasting impact on the business community.

Why share what has always been our confidential formula? Lori explains. “There comes a point in your life when the individual wins become far less important than the impact you leave on the world. I’m tired of seeing middle-market companies waste money on marketing strategies that, frankly, aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. I know, from watching my father, what it’s like for an owner or senior leader to carry the weight of company performance. I’ve known it all my life.”

It’s this personal narrative that fuels her mission to level the playing field for mid-sized companies vying against larger competitors. “Evening the scales is my passion,” Lori asserts. “When you win, I honor my father and others like him.”

While Lori and her talented team continue to craft and execute marketing strategies with guaranteed results, they are equally committed to empowering those who choose the DIY route. Whether businesses seek to master the tactics independently, fully outsource, or strike a balance, Lori and her team are on a mission to arm leaders with the knowledge and tools for unwavering success.